Monday, October 15, 2012

Before You Purchase Your First Sewing Machine...

If you are thinking about starting to sew, do not skimp on your sewing machine. I bought a Brother LS-2125, the reason being that it is so common it is available at your local Wal-Mart. I was new to sewing and I wanted a good starter machine that could piece and I could hopefully learn free motion quilting. Big mistake! After the second time I free motion quilted, upon going back to straight stitching, the tension was irreparably off. I should not have had to spend 3 hours trying to get a decent straight stitch. The machine is essentially toast. I don't think a decent stitch after only a month and a half and $70 is that great an expectation.

Even though I had this machine for only a month and a half, I just had to get a better machine. I already have a 1930's era White 77 series machine that is a sold metal work horse. I just needed another machine that I can do free motion and the occasional decorative stitch on.

Every blog I look at recommends Janome machines.

I wish I had seen this video on Youtube before. In the video, a sewing machine repair man warns against purchasing machine without a metal frame. When asked which brand he recommends, he states Janome.

When I took my Brother apart, I realized how cheaply made it was.
When searching for my new Janome I checked out Leah Day's posting on great sewing machines, under $500. I opted for the HD-1000.
Another Lesson Learned...

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